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Jacqueline Hopkins

The Women Unite Conference due to take place on 19th September 2020 has been cancelled. A new provisional date for next year will be announced later.


Event Cancelled

It is hoped to reschedule this event for later in the year


WU Charity Quin advert
Charity Quin is a Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Proud Granny to 4 beautiful children and Rock star mother.
She has also been a singing coach to the stars (well 2 anyway!) One of these was Ed Sheeran.  Click here for more info.

Charity recently recorded her 4th studio Album ‘Good Morning Gorgeous'! a collection of songs about Jesus and the Gospel girls and their stories. Each woman precious, beautiful and unique. In Him they found healing, grace, freedom and unconditional love.


Women Unite Conference: Held Saturday 21 September 2019

Listen to the Morning Session HERE

Listen to the Afternoon Session HERE


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