Leadership and Staff

  • Pastor Charlie
    Charlie MacKenzie

    Many of our readers will be wondering what happened to the LifeNews video this week.
    This has become a regular feature with Pastor Charlie popping up 'on-location'
    somewhere in Suffolk to present a short clip together with an invite to
    join us during the Sunday Service.

    Regretably, and with heavy heart, we have to report that Pastor Charlie
    is no longer Lead Pastor at RoL Church.

    We are going to miss his chearful smile and meaningful stories of his life experiences
    but I'm sure you will join with us in wishing Charlie and his family
    every best wish for their future, wherever God leads.

  • Elders

    Terry BakerL2A0875


    Terry & Juanita Baker:

    Terry and Juanita founded the church in 2002 and continue to serve as emeritus pastors. They have a dynamic faith led and healing ministry and have seen  people from many parts of  the world come to know the Lord through their ministry.

    Terry Baker
    Emeritus Pastor

    Juanita Baker-0959


    Juanita Baker
    Emeritus Pastor
    Sally Verow 200px-8483

    Sally Verow:

    Sally is co-leader of our Prayer Ministry Team and is a very charismatic member of River of Life Church. She has also for many years been the co-leader of our Samaritans Purse Annual Shoeboxes Appeal where thousands of underprivileged children receive shoebox gifts at Christmas time every year.

    Sally Verow






  • Deacons and Trustees 


    Julie Harvey: Worship Team Leader
    Julie Harvey 200px-8433

    Andrew & Hazel Berry: Church Membership Course Leaders
    Andrew and Hazel-1284


    Brian & Del Oakley: Younger Church Leaders
    Brian and Dell Oakley 250px024

    Ray Harvey: Media Team Leader
    Ray Harvey 200x200

     Jacqueline Hopkins: Women’s Ministry Leader

    Jackie Hopkins-1920px L2A3246v

    Derek Wynn: Welcome Team Leader
    Derek Wynn

    Linda Tuffs: Toddler Group Team Co-ordinator
    Linda Tuffs 200px 2903

    Catering & Cafe Co-ordinator

    Position Vacant


    Terry BakerL2A0875 Emeritas Pastor Terry Baker:
    Pastor Terry Baker



    Anita Chenery SH 200px IMG2482 Anita Chenery:

    Anita comes from a financial services background and was for a number of years employed by one of the UK’s major building societies. Her present role is Church Administrator which involves heading up the Church Office, dealing with incoming mail and phone calls, maintaining the pastors’ diaries and work programme along with a host of publishing and printing initiatives to promote the extensive church programme of events and activities. Anita runs the “engine room”and ensures everything operates smoothly and happily.

    Anita Chenery


    Ray Harvey 200x200 Ray Harvey:
    Ray has his own business which he combines with his work as the Custodian/Caretaker of River of Life Church. His expertise and long experience in property maintenance and management is second to none and he ensures that everything to do with the physical building structure and grounds of the church are maintained to an extremely high standard. His role as a Trustee synergises perfectly with his work as Custodian/Caretaker. When anything goes wrong in the building, Ray is always the first port of call!
    Ray Harvey
    Derek Wynn Derek Wynn:
    Derek moved to Felixstowe from St Albans in Hertfordshire during July, 2019. He is now retired but his most recent employment was with Ambala, an Asian sweet company, as a delivery driver. Derek also serves as 'Welcome Team Leader' at the church .
    Derek Wynn
  • Staff 

    Anita Chenery 200px IMG2482
    Anita Chenery, Administrator

    Anita is our full time Administrator at River of Life and deals with the running of the office, handling enquiries on a day-to-day basis, secretarial services, and assisting the pastors in the efficient running of the church.

    Ray HarveyMG4377
    Ray Harvey, Custodian

    Ray has special responsibility at River of Life for the maintenance and care of the Church Centre complex and its grounds. His work in ensuring the Building is maintained to an excellent standard is greatly appreciated at River of Life.

    David Roberts 200px CRW7199
    David Roberts, Cleaner

    David manages the cleaning of the church centre and ensuring that everything is clean and hygienic for church members and visitors. His work is invaluable and he and his wife, Beth, are greatly loved by our congregation.