Pre School, Fridays Term Time, 10.00 - 11.30am

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We are so blessed at River of Life Church with a large area for the toddlers and their parents/carers to meet in, with a carpeted floor and open plan setting. Chairs are positioned around the perimeter of the space to allow maximum playing areas where the adults can keep an eye on their charges as well as chat freely to others nearby.

The group starts at 10am with registration and closes at 11.30am on Fridays in term time for children under school age and we ask for a donation of £1 for each family, irrespective of how many children you bring along, to cover refreshments, new toys and end of  term 'treats'.

Our group conforms to the child protection policy set out in our church for working with children and some helpers are also First Aid trained on a regular basis.

It is our intention for all attending to feel they are entering a safe, clean and caring environment each week and we have baby changing facilities and an adult/child toilet as well as a disabled one besides the usual toilets.

As well as toys, puzzles, books, bouncy castle, trampoline and ride on’s to play with we hold a craft session between 10am and l0.45am. Once this is tidied away the tables are cleaned for “snack time” when we ask the children to sit down to eat and drink together, supervised by those who brought them to the group. Biscuits and fruit are served to the toddlers with a drink whilst the adults are served with tea or coffee from the kitchen hatch along with homemade cake. A short Grace is sung before eating to thank Father God for His provision and afterwards this area is cleaned up and the children can continue playing with the toys in the larger area. Later a CD of suitable songs is put on and percussion instruments are provided where the bouncy castle and play tents had been erected. While the music is playing helpers will begin to put the toys into the cupboard at the far end of the large area, We ask that children do not enter this cupboard as it also contains the Sunday School and Youth Group equipment so could be a health and safety issue to little ones. Toys can be left outside the cupboard so they can be put in the correct restricted space on the shelves by the Group’s helpers.
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Families attending our Toddler Group are always invited to the various events happening during the year at church as well as Sunday Services and there is a welcome table with literature on from which you may help yourselves to find out more about our fellowship. We hope your Friday mornings spent here will be happy and enjoyable. Should you wish to discuss anything just approach one of our helpers and they will be pleased to chat,