Food Bank 

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Feeding the hungry

Our food store helps people from many different backgrounds.
We provide for people in our local community, Supported Housing units across Felixstowe; 4 homes regularly ask for help from us. Activities include delivering bags of food to the various homes. The homes must send us an email confirming their need and usually the name of the male or female needing help. We then can supply a week’s supply of groceries and toiletries for that person.
We also support our own members who need help too.
This work is funded entirely by our own church members through regular giving and with special offerings or donations several times a year; the response from our generous church family is always overwhelming as you can see from the photo above.
We also have an active team of volunteers who serve the church food store each Sunday allocating and distributing food to those in need.

As a church we feel that reaching out to our local community is so important.
And those in need: Matthew 25:35-40 "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat..."