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    The Bible is now available as an App! has created a great "App" called "YouVersion" which allows the Bible to be accessed on the move in almost every language and translation. But there is so much more to this resource that River of Life Church utilises to encourage people to open the Bible and read God's Word on Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.
    Most Bible translations are available for download so no internet connection is required when you are on the move.

    Check out the video above to find out more and download the App by clicking on the "HOLY BIBLE" icon.


  • Events 

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    RoL Church is now using "YouVersion Events" to post information on mobile devices.

    What is Events?
    Events is a completely free feature inside the YouVersion Bible App that helps you easily connect with RoL church events that you’re attending. Events can also help you discover other church and special events happening nearby. Events makes it easy to share key message points, Bible references, artwork, external links, important church news, and more.
    I don’t see Events in my Bible App. Where is it?
    iOS: Events is under the More view (…) on your toolbar, after Videos. Android: Events is in the main menu, under Videos (tap the menu icon at the top left corner). If you don’t see Events, but you see a “Live” tab, then you are running an older version of the Bible App. Please update your Bible App to the latest version by visiting

    Do I have to update my Bible App to get Events?
    Yes. Because Events is a fairly new feature, you must update the Bible App to get it. (We recommend that you configure your device to receive automatic updates.)
    Do I have to have a YouVersion account to use Events?
    You can search for and view Events without a YouVersion account. But, if you would like to take notes or save an Event, you must have a YouVersion account. Signing up is simple, and YouVersion accounts are completely free. A YouVersion account gives you access to all of the most powerful features of the Bible App — Bible Plans, Verse Images, Highlights, Notes, and more — synced across all your devices. Visit to get your free account now.
    Does it cost anything to use Events?
    No. The Bible App is completely free of charge. Although Events is an all-new service, it’s an integral part of the Bible App.
    How can I find an Event?
    The Bible App needs access to location services on your device to find Events near you. If you’re looking for a specific Event and you know what it’s called, you can search using part of its title or postcode which is IP11 for RoL.
    Do I have to attend an Event to see it in the app?
    No. If you know an Event’s title or its location, you can search for it that way. But, the purpose of our Events feature is to help you engage more with Events that you attend.
    Can I see Events that have already ended?
    Yes, if you have saved the Event, or if you have a direct link to it. However, once an event has ended, it will no longer appear in Events search.


    This is a great new feature from Youversion - why not give it a try today? 
  • Reading Plans 

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    Why not start a plan today?

    YouVersion has a great range of Reading Plans to suit all needs and preferences. RoL presents here some recommendations and topical plans but also encourages readers to discover their own reading plans by visiting YouVersion Reading Plans at
    Start your own plan or better still, partner with a friend/group to receive encouragement as you progress each day. Click the images for more information on each plan

    Bible In One Year - Nicky & Pippa Gumbel

    Now that we started a New Year, it's a good time to consider reading through the whole Bible in One Year. Pastor Trevor provided a suggestion during his New Year message and we always carry a recommendadtion on this page based on the NLT bible. For those who may have completed ALPHA, there's also a great new One Year Plan published by Holy Trinity Brompton featuring Nicky Gumbel below:

    Start your day with the Bible in One Year, a free Bible reading plan with commentary by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. Nicky Gumbel is the Vicar of HTB in London, pioneer of Alpha and presents this Bible reading plan based upon the NIV translation, most familiar at RoL. Download instructions for Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer, Click Here.

    Through the Bible - "The One Year Bible"

    How many of us have never actually read through the whole Bible? There's a lot of ground to cover but no need to get overwhelmed, just take it slowly reading passages of Old and New Testament each day for a full year. This popular reading plan based on the New Living Translation, "The One Year Bible" can be completed in only 15 minutes each day and don't worry if you miss a day here and there, YouVersion will gently catch you up and extend the plan to suit your exact needs and lifestyle.   

    Click the image below to view the plan in the YouVersion App.  


    All RoL recommended reading plans are tried and tested before publishing on this site.