Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry

Photos of First Men's Ministry

Photos of Launch Night - Friday 5 May 2023

Are you a Man, Bloke, Geezer, Gentleman, Fella, Dude?

Wouldn’t it be good to get together as a group to be Men, Blokes, Geezers, Gentlemen, Fellas & Dudes?

Well now we can! For More Background Information Read This: (ref CVM “WHY Mens Ministry?”)
We are holding a Monthly Men’s Ministry Meeting at ROL Church

What Will We Be Doing?
Well as Men, we need to be able to join with our fellow men and be able to have fellowship friendship and FUN!
We will be able to listen to each other and Minister to individual needs, in a safe
non-judgemental environment.
There will be beverages and Pizza (Not Alcohol)
It will be just a casual get together to get to know one another better.
We don’t want a church dominated by men or male characteristics nor do we want to make church a “men’s club”. Just a place where men can be gripped and excited by Jesus. Please Pray (Ladies Too!) for us as we seek to play our small part in introducing Men to Jesus.

Where & When?
ROL Church, 2 Carr Road, Felixstowe, IP11 2FS
Friday 7 July at 7.15pm to 9.15pm
Please sign up on the sign-up board at the back of Church or email Church Office
If you have any questions Call or Text Ian Hallwood on 07765500740

Christian Vision for Men explain it this way:
“Church culture can also be quite feminine and therefore difficult for many men to get to grips with. Think of church décor. Lots of children’s pictures, flowers, and banners. Then there is the worship. Songs are often about feelings and subjective. Teaching is often generic and talks about concepts rather than everyday practicalities. Volunteer jobs in the church can also tend towards the more feminine aspects of character; loving, sharing, nurture, compassion. Men seek adventure and challenge and whilst love and compassion are important traits for men, the wild and adventurous aspects of their personalities can be completely starved in church. So we need to create an environment that makes the Christian faith accessible to the average UK man and church a place worth hauling themselves out of bed for.”
Question is chaps, are you up to giving it a go just to see the difference YOU can make?