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Ed Sheeran's former singing teacher!

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Charity first picked up the guitar at the age of twelve! Her memories of singing go back further than that though, to the age of five when she found both faith and voice at the same time. Charity is one of six children, born in London, England. Her father’s family originated from Cork, whilst her mother was born in Dublin. Everyone sang and/or played something, she is so thankful for that bedrock of musical experience which was a joy and also helped to train her ear.

One of her brothers introduced her to folk music from ‘across the pond’ whilst she was listening to classical composers like Vaughan Williams and Debussy. Soul music was there too; for some reason the emerging UK chart music didn’t do it for her. She doesn't remember exactly when she started to write songs, but recalls it started with poems, and that is still true today; the words generally come first and the music follows. Words, melody, and a good bass line, she loves all three!

Her Inspiration

People! The ever changing painting that is the world around. Beauty poured out like fine wine, whether seen or unseen. A passion to know God better, in all His richness, beauty and diversity and to understand His grace. Charity comments, "I'm just on a journey of discovery, which is occasionally painful and other times joyful;  if some of that can be entwined in a song which can be useful to someone else, then that is success."

Her Style

The simplest way to describe her music is ‘folk/Celtic,’ her songs have a healing and soothing quality, which we all need in these times. At Christian events she loves to share her experiences of faith.


Charity's first recording was part of an album entitled ‘Dance on Injustice’ for the Greenbelt festival. During the Kosovo crisis she recorded a song called Rockaby and that song became part of ‘Journeys of the Heart’ which was an album recorded with Andrew Rayner, David Fitzgerald (Iona) and Tim Oliver, amongst others. She also recorded a song called ‘Beauty for Ashes’ after the events of 9/11. 

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