Sunday Club 3

19 September
With a Sharefaith Lesson Series
God 11

A Closer Look
"The Lord's Prayer"

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During recent sessions we had a great time in Sunday Club learning how
God made Man & Woman

Sunday Club 7
Children helped "breathe" air using a bicycle pump into balloon faces of
Adam & Eve which they'd decorated themselves.

We also had a visit from the "Serpent" which suddenly jumped out to startle the class leaders!
Classes are managed by a dedicated team of volunteers who are all DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certified in a safe environment.
Children join classes from the main Sunday Service at 11am until Service end around noon.
Parents must accompany children to classes and collect them when the service is completed.

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15th March 2020
(The last time we met together before COVID)

Continuing the Jeremiah Series

Jeremiah 3

This Week - "Jeremiah Buys a Field"
Read all about it in Jeremiah 32:1-15

Lesson plans are taken from the brand new Scripture Union BLUE Compendium having lots of interesting activities and crafts to occupy children's minds and maintain interest.

EZRA series now completed


Nehemiah series now completed


Children enjoyed building in this series

Nehemiah 2

A massive THANK YOU to all Teachers & Helpers who work hard
each week to make these lessons so interesting & exciting.

Solomon series now completed


David series now completed

David 2

Little Lobsters created some great work during this series

LL 19Jan20

Joshua series now completed

Joshua 2

This exciting Joshua series finaly reached a climax in October as our children heared about the Walls of Jericho falling down. They were encouraged to learn to trust God and follow what He says, even when they are scared. God found a way for Joshua and the Israelites because they trusted Him and He will do the same for us!

Jacob series now completed



Image 7

Children's Artwork from Little Lobsters group - pretty impressive eh?

Children in Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs groups learned about the Life of Jacob in this exciting 5 part series starting in Genesis 28 with "God's promises to Jacob" and culmininating in Genesis 45 to illustrate "God at Work." 

Noah Series now completed


In this four part series our children learned some valuable lessons about God's ways and His promise to all mankind.

Kings Programme


This four part series finished end June and was well received by Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs classes alike. 
Life of David Programme
This four part series finished early June and the children produced some lovely artwork during the the final sessions. (Photos to follow)


Our children learned so much about Jesus with many applications for their own lives. On Easter Sunday they relived the resurrection during craft time by building a miniature garden complete with tomb and stone -  most of all they all understood that JESUS is ALIVE today!

Easter Gift

Weeks Gone By ...

January Lessons - CREATION

In Part 4 of this four week series our children in Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs groups joined forces to learn about God making Animals & People. This was the final session in the series and there were some great resources which our teachers used to illustrate the story. Of course the message came from the book of Genesis, in Chapter 2 this week; you can follow the text by clicking HERE and watch a song by Chris Tomlin that the children enjoyed HERE .  

The children made their own creations during the past few weeks - check out the samples below.

Hattie and RosieChildren in Little Lobsters group show appreciation to God for His Creation

Children 1Beautiful flowers created by God on Day 3 of Creation, many have lovely perfumes so the children were also able to smell the scents and feel the delicate petals and leaves. A big thank you to Luminita for taking the time and trouble to prepare such a lovely lesson.

In the New Year we had a great new teaching series looking at God's Creation in the Bible book of Genesis Chapter 1.

In the first session entitled, "God Makes Light & Sky" our young ones learned about God creating light out of darkness and will continue week by week to understand more about God's magnificent power. This is a great time for children of all ages to visit River of Life Church and discover the truth of creation. In each successive session we'll be looking at each day of God's wonderful creation as it unfolds in the very first book of the Bible. The children of Little Lobsters class are seen here enjoying the lesson about Light & Dark and Sky.


Christmas Programme 2018

Christmas Banner 1

The young ones were really looking forward to this day as they rehearsed their carols and learned all the actions; and what a wonderful occasion it turned out to be. Our children didn't disappoint, their performance was completely faultless and many attendees claimed this was the best ever RoL Christmas Carol Service - wow, what an accolade - take a bow children and give yourselves a big pat on the back; we are so proud of you!

Children from Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs Classes participate in the Carol Service

December 2018

This was the last chance to practice all three of the Christmas Songs before the Carol Service on 16th December. 
Parent's and Carer's - thanks for attending and encouraging your children, we love you being with us and it really was a great final session of practice. Please also take some time to invite friends and family to the afternoon Carol Service which starts 3pm Sunday 16th December. Also note the RoL Community Cafe is open from 1pm on same day serving festive menu at very reasonable prices - a great excuse to enjoy lunch before the service!

Following the Carol Service, refreshments, including non-alcoholic mulled punch and mince pies, were served and gifts were presented to each attending child.

Carol Service Stage Rehearsal

Stage Rehearsal was a great success and our children really made a massive effort to sing out loud at the same time as remembering all the actions.  It's a busy season for all children and many of our youngsters are also involved in Nativity Plays and other Christmas performing events in school. 

The Christmas Story

Sunday School lessons for our Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs Groups have now entered the Christmas season with teachings leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. Last Sunday, lessons entitled "Look for the Star" & "Royal Visit" revealed the prophesy and reality of the arrival of King Jesus through scripture passages Isaiah 60:1-3 and Matthew 2:1-12. This coming week we continue the Christmas message with lessons from Luke 1:26-38 "The Birth of Jesus Foretold" - the nativity scene is already on display and there's a buzz of anticipation as the children practice new songs for the Carol Service which starts 3pm on 16th December this year. This will be a joyful family event with presentations from all the Younger Church Ministry Groups - come early to enjoy lunch or snacks from 1pm onwards in the Community Cafe.
Christmas Nativity
What an exciting time this is for young children; we encourage parents to follow the message at home whenever the opportunity arises, spending valuable family moments together.

Tearfund is a Christian Charity which is passionate about ending poverty, working alongside local churches in over 50 countries - Check out the WEBSITE HereEach Christmas, RoL Church supports Tearfund by donating  money that church members would have otherwise spent on Christmas Cards. Of course we still have a giant card for people to sign and our Younger Church get the opportunity to learn more about Tearfund by making the card during Sunday School classes.
Tearfund Christmas Card

This year our Sunday School children set to work on a massive Christmas Card which went on display for the first time on Sunday 25th November. Seen here are members of the Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs groups putting the finishing touches to some beautiful artwork which will be added to all the other scenery produced over the past few weeks. Please support this project generously with your donations but also take a moment to thank our little ones for their efforts.
Remembrance Sunday, November 2018 ...

During Remembrance Sunday our children participated in the main service with parents and experienced some moving video clips, traditional hymns and two minutes silence at 11am. In class they learned about the significance of the Poppy and produced some beautiful artwork using paints and apples! If you look closely at the poppy shapes below, perhaps you can recognise the shapes of apples cut in half? Well done children - fantastic job!

Poppy 3

Christmas is Coming...

Little Lobsters and Cool Crabs groups continued rehearsals for the Christmas programme, now into the third week and we are delighted that new families are joining in the fun.

This video clip was taken during the first week of Christmas song rehearsals - we think it's a pretty awesome result for just 20 minutes of practice! Well Done Children and also Caroline, Luminita and Jayne for leading the children so well - I have no idea how you are able to manage those events but you are all doing a great job!

The 4:12 Teens Group also kicked off their Christmas plans  but it's top secret - watch this space for further news.
Christmas 1 700Px

Cool Crabs Spring Clean in November 2018!
Phase 1 of the Cool Crabs classroom clean-up was completed recently as the team finally got to grips with an accumulation of waste paper, old materials and artwork which had already reached its sell-by date. Shown here are Del, Elizabeth and John pulling the place apart before deciding what should be retained. Phase 2 will follow later with new storage containers, wall painting and decoration - volunteers welcome!

Cool Crabs