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Unit 4 - "The Bible"
Thanks for joining us during Monday night's First Steps Study, "The Bible" followed by a lovely and sincere time of worship in the presence of the Holy Spirit!

At RoL we were blessed to receive Dr. Terry Law as guest speaker during our Easter Day service; we took the opportunity to learn from his life experiences so that we could apply in our own Christian walk to receive more of God's grace. Unfortunately, we only get to hear from Dr. Law very infrequently but thankfully God provided us with His Word so that we may be guided through our daily life under His direction. In the scripture read by Margaret on Monday we heard...
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)
The Bible is a wonderful book which we can trust to provide wisdom; if you are a new reader, try the gospel of John as a start point to trigger your interest - there are also some great suggestions for devotional reading plans on the church website. 

A big thanks also to Dave & Beth for taking the time to provide a great video clip of their latest Memory Verse - 2 Timothy 3:16...
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness"
Links to all video clips presented on Monday are provided below - click on an image to view again.

We very much look forward to seeing you all once again next week when we will be considering Unit 5, "Water Baptism" what it means, why and when should we do it?

Best wishes and blessings, Pastor Sean, Angela, Brian & Del
River of Life Church - 7pm - Monday 24th April 2017 - Check Website for Details
Moen 330x180 Don Moen
Don talks to Moira Brown about his experiences
with Terry Law during 15 years as
Praise & Worship Leader 
Trump B 330x180 Donald Trump
Shares his secret for success and source of
guidance during the 2016 Election Campaign

Get Bible 330x180
An animated walk through "How we got the Bible"
presented by Living Stones Church

God Breathed 330x180
A 3 Minute Theology:
How is the Bible Divinely Inspired?

Prophesy 330x180 Daniel 9:25
Bible Prophecy with amazing
Mathematical Precision
Dave  Beth 330x180 2 Timothy 3:16
Well Done Dave and Beth for presenting this
Video Memory Verse
Bible Questions 330x180 Michael Jr - Bible Verse Trivia
Michael asked a few folks on the streets
to finish some of the better know Bible verses,
this is how they answered...
Terry Law 330x180 Dr. Terry Law
Sharing from his book,
"The Power of Praise and Worship"
YouVersionEvents 330x180 First Steps Scriptures
Link to view or download next week's
Scripture References onto Mobile Phone
or Tablet