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YouVersion has a great range of Reading Plans to suit all needs and preferences. RoL presents here some recommendations and topical plans but also encourages readers to discover their own reading plans by visiting YouVersion Reading Plans at
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Two Suggested Easter Reading Plans:

1. Come to the Upper room
Jesus' public ministry was almost over, and he took the time to teach his disciples and us what it means to be one of his followers.
This thought provoking 4 day plan is presented by Time of Grace Ministry; it's easy to follow with meaningful devotions to accompany scripture verses.
Upper Room 720x405


2. The Easter Story in Virtual Reality

Another short 4 day plan which can easily be extended to 8 or even 10 days by meditating on the well choosen scripture verses. 
This is a reading plan which transports the reader through virtual reality to the actual places in Israel where the Easter story actually occurred - from the agony of Jesus to His resurrection. In virtual reality you will feel like you are walking through each site and you can experience it on any device that is connected to the Internet - brought to you by The Octagon Project.
Easter Story 720x405
The imagary and high defination videos incorporated into this reading plan are quite stunning; if, like me, you never had the opportunity to visit Isreal this plan is a great way to experience the actual places which Jesus visited - highly recommended!

Bible In One Year - Nicky & Pippa Gumbel

Now that we are well into 2017, it's a good time to consider reading through the whole Bible in One Year. Pastor Trevor provided a suggestion during his New Year message and we always carry a recommendadtion on this page based on the NLT bible. For those who may have completed ALPHA, there's also a great new One Year Plan published by Holy Trinity Brompton featuring Nicky Gumbel below:
HTB Bible

Start your day with the Bible in One Year, a free Bible reading plan with commentary by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. Nicky Gumbel is the Vicar of HTB in London, pioneer of Alpha and presents this Bible reading plan based upon the NIV translation, most familiar at RoL.

Through the Bible - "The One Year Bible"

How many of us have never actually read through the whole Bible? There's a lot of ground to cover but no need to get overwhelmed, just take it slowly reading passages of Old and New Testament each day for a full year. This popular reading plan based on the New Living Translation, "The One Year Bible" can be completed in only 15 minutes each day and don't worry if you miss a day here and there, YouVersion will gently catch you up and extend the plan to suit your exact needs and lifestyle.   

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