Pastor 2

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Starting 7.30pm on Wednesday, 5th August, RoL will host a "Fellowship Feedback" Evening for RoL Church Members and Regular Attendees. 

Registration for this Event is now closed - Thanks to those who have signed up

The purpose of this event is for the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) to:

  • Summarise the Pastor Recruitment Process
  • Explain the progress to date
  • Present profiles of Candidates under consideration
  • Provide a forum for open discussion
  • Seek Feedback & Comments from Fellowship
  • Define next steps and perceived timeline

Social distancing management during the event will be applied according to current CV-19 Government Guidelines; we hope to utilise the large coffee area but this is strictly limited by the number of attendees. To establish the total number attending, it's therefore absolutely necessary to register your intention to attend by submitting your name via the Sign-Up Form below BEFORE Saturday, 1st August 2020: