Zoom Connection Instructions

These instructions are for participants who would like to join Brian & Wendy's 'CHILL & CHAT' ZOOM meetings each Tuesday morning starting 26 January 2021. ZOOM is a video conferencing App which is really easy to use. Whether you plan to connect using Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer, please follow the insturctions below:

Before the Meeting
A) For Mobile Phone or Tablet Users

Get Your Device Ready
Download the Zoom App from Apple Store (For iPhones or iPads) or Google Play Store (For Android phones/tablets)
Test that you can access the planned meeting by clicking this link:


B) For Laptop or Desktop Computer Users

Get Your Device Ready
Follow instuctions in this Video Tutorial
There will be NO EMAIL issued
Use this link to download the ZOOM software and follow on-screen instructions:


To Join the Meeting

Click this link: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/8487796666?pwd=U2JNa3EyWnBnVUlzOVpmMnVKNDNEUT09 

There will be no Password required for this meeting

Meeting Room will open 11am on the morning of each Tuesday meeting